Called for business inspections?

If the authorities call you for business inspection, it can be a great task to gather all the necessary documentation and data from tachographs and driver’s licenses.

The consequences for missing data can also be economically inconceivable.

Tachografservice A / S can help you with a solution that ensures that the traffic agency can get all the data they need so you do not have to worry.

We ensure that all data is kept safe and properly in accordance with the laws.

When you are called for verification, we ensure that your data and documentation is collected and sent to the authorities. This service does not cost additional and is included free of charge in your subscription with us.

What does a fine cost?

How much a fine for breach of driving and rest time rules runs into is very individual and depends on several different parameters.

Through a customer login on our portal, you can see an estimated fine amount for your violations.

Are you called for control, but could not?

If you are not a Tachograph service customer yet, but wishing to have a business check, this can easily be done.

We create you as a customer, collect data from driver’s license and car, fill in the required documentation, and send it all to the Road Administration for you.

Call +45 70 222 337 and we’ll help you through.

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