Tacho Portal Usage

An overview of your registered drivers and cars

As a customer at Tachografservice A / S, you will receive a login to our online customer portal.

Here you can add and remove cars and drivers, as well as a lot more.

Once you have changes in your drivers and truck information, you can customize at any time of the day as appropriate.

Just log in with your customer information and enter the information yourself – It will not be easier.

You log in to the Tacho Portal at the top right of the website.

Here you will be able to see an overview of your registered drivers and cars, as well as add or remove.

Once you have added a car or driver correctly, you can load data from driver’s license or tachograph as usual.

After that, data will automatically land in your business directory, after which you will receive the reports for self-control.

The first time you want to use the customer portal, you must call in and receive a code.

Call for advice: +45 70 222 337

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Vi kontakter dig senest 24 timer efter vi har modtaget din henvendelse.
Du kan også ringe direkte til os på: tlf.: 70 222 337

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