What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is used to measure and record a vehicle speed as well as the driver’s driving and rest time. According to Danish and European legislation, a tachograph must be installed in all heavy trucks, buses and most large vans.

A tachograph could be either Analogue or Digital. However, in all vehicles manufacturered after May 1 2006 requires installation of a digital type.

  • An analogue tachograph records information on a paper chart. However, this type is disappearing as the lorry’s fleet is generally being replaced.
  • A digital tachograph detects all vehicle and driver data digitally. This happens because each driver uses a driver card, which stores all data and records – driving times, for example. The driver card is carried by the driver personally and must be added to the tachograph from start to finish.

Digital tachograph – easier for everyone

The digital tachograph makes it much easier for the driver to register his driving because everything is done digitally. The driver only needs to remember to record what activity he/she is performing – for example. driving time, other work, availability or break / rest. On the driver’s card, all the driver’s activities are recorded for a period of 28 days. Once the 28 days have passed, previous information is overwritten on the card.

According to the law, the driver is required to bring his report sheets / data for the previous 15 days’ drive. On the digital tachograph, this is done automatically, and the driver can easily print the registered driver from his driver’s license.

In addition to the driver, the company is obliged to use a company card. This is to ensure that data in the digital tachograph is recorded as the company’s data, just as the card must be used when the company is to transfer, store and secure data.

The digital tachograph is particually usefull when…

  • The driver must be complicit with traffic regulations
  • The driver also provides useful information about themselves or the use of the vehicle.

You can read more about the use of analogue and digital tachograph on the police website via the link here.

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