Help with the Tachograph

The symbols on the tachograph shows the different time-groups you can choose from, when registering driving and rest time.

It is important to choose the right symbols to not violate the driving and rest time rules. 

The wheel is the symbol of ‘Driving time’. The time the tachograph records as driving. The symbol does not exist on newer recorders that automatically detect when the car is moving.

The two hammers symbolize ‘Other work’, that means other work than driving like unloading and loading the car.

The square with a slanted line through is the symbol of ‘Availability’, ie. The time when the driver is available for work but not currently performing work. For example, when the driver comes by the train by train or ferry, at waiting times at borders, and if a driver is included in multi-purpose service.

The bed symbolizes the break or rest time, where the driver has free time.

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