When loading data from driver’s license and car’s data from a tachograph, you receive summary reports from us where you can see how drivers and the car have driven during the period.

If there have been law violations of driving and rest time rules during the period, you will also receive a law violation report

Report overview:

1. Driving time: Displays the daily driving time. At driving time of 10 hours, the field is highlighted red.

2. Rest period: Displays the daily rest period. At rest time less than 9 hours, the field is highlighted red.

3. 4.5 hours: If the breaks of 45 minutes (or 15 + 30 minutes) are not met, this field will appear in the report and be highlighted in red. If the breaks are met, the field will be blank.

4. Valid interruption: The function button on the tachograph is set to bed and the interval is less than 1 hour.

5. Other work: The time the tachograph is set on the symbol crossed the hammer.

6. Pause: The time the tachograph is set to rest time (bed symbol).

7. Signature: Valid = Approved Data.

8. Mileage.

Transgression reports:

Transgression / Violation reports: Once you have entered your data from any period of time, you will receive a summary report of the car and driver’s driving. If there have been violations during the period, you will receive a violation report at the same time.

On this page we will help you understand this violation report. Of course, you are also welcome to call us on 70 222 337.

overtraedelseny 1024x405 - Help for the reports

Here are the colors and symbols that are used in the violation report. The amount of hours worked by the driving period is shown in red, yellow or green. The rest period is seen in light gray, while a valid interruption is seen on the graph as a light yellow. Other work is the pink on the graph, and the orange is the driving time.

Notice the symbol next to the bed, which shows if you have reduced daily or weekly rest.

overtraedelseny1 1024x203 - Help for the reports

This is an extract from an infringement report. Here are two lines – 2 driving periods, with violations of driving rest periods. The report shows which violation you have made and how many percent you have violated.

For example. Exceeding uninterrupted driving time: Regulations 04.30 Value 04.42 Difference 00.12 – Violation: 4.44%

The four columns after the graph show the amount of time spent: driving time, other work, valid interruption and rest. (Orange, pink, yellow and gray)

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